Kurinuki teabowl

  • Product Description

    Delicate and simple, this little teacup has been made using the Japanese technique kurinuki. This involves handcarving the piece from a solid block of clay. It's a process that can take several days, carefully carving and shaping until it is the right size and thickness. 


    This teacup is made from a black stoneware clay with red underglaze decoration on the front and an oatmeal glaze inside. 


    Although glazed inside, due to the nature of the clay body it is not recommended this product is used for food. It is more of a decorative piece, to be enjoyed as it is or possibly used as a pot perhaps for a small succulent or similar. 


    This is very much a handmade piece - embrace its uniqueness. 

  • Product Size

    Approx 6cm diameter x 7cm